Buying Racing Gear in India with FMSCI, FIA Certification

With the racing scene in India heating up day by day, it’s a great pleasure to see the interest being taken to actively participate both by amateurs and professionals alike. Therefore, CarPowerGrid aims to clarify the regulations laid down by the Federation of Motorsports Club of India, FIA, SNELL and more and what it means to you here in India.

What is FMSCI?

Prior to the year 1971, there were primarily five clubs in India who had been running motorsports events viz.

1) Madras Motor Sports Club (MMSC) in Chennai Tamil Nadu,
2) Calcutta Motor Sports Club (CMSC) in Calcutta West Bengal,
3) Coimbatore Auto Sports Club (CASC) in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu,
4) Bangalore Motor Sports Club later renamed to Karnataka Motor Sports Club (KMSC) in Bangalore Karnataka and
5) Indian Automotive Racing Club (IARC) in Mumbai Maharashtra

There were no common rules and regulations and the competitors faced huge problems as the rules and regulations varied from event to event and club to club. It is in this context that the above five clubs decided to join together and form a Federation viz. The Federation of Indian Motor Sports Club (FIMSC) in the year 1971, which was later renamed to the present The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) in the year 1973 to ensure common rules and regulations and safe, fair and orderly conduct of motorsports in India.

The broad activities of the FMSCI include formulation of sporting / technical rules and regulations for various types of motorsports, issue of competition licenses, issue of organizing permits to clubs to organize motorsports events, training and deputation of sporting and technical officials to ensure  safe, fair and orderly conduct of motorsports, promotion of motorsports at the grassroots level, and to raise the standard of Indian Motorsports to International levels.  The FMSCI also has an internal dispute redressal mechanism viz. the Indian Motor Sports Appeal Court (IMSAC) comprising competent persons with the legal and sporting background.

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What is FIA Homoglation?

In motorsports, homologation is the approval process through which a vehicle, a race track, or a standardised part is required to go for certification to race in a given league or series. The regulations and rules that must be met are generally set by the series’ sanctioning body. The word is derived from theGreek homologeo—literally “I say the same”—for “agree.”

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Buying Racing accessories/gear online with Homologation:

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